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One Thing I Love About This Book

I love reading. Sometimes, a book grips me because of its compelling title, complex characters, vivid description, engaging narrative voice, interesting plots, moving themes, gripping tensions, sense of mystery, or something in between. It might take me on an emotional journey inviting me to imagine, reflect, act. Books I love tend to have something in them for me as a reader. Sometimes, that something changes based on when I read it and what I need at the time.

There are books I come back to because there’s something I love in them. In this mini book review series, I’ll be sharing one thing I love about some of the books I’ve read. That’s it. Just one thing. In the comments, please join in by sharing one thing you love about the book too. If you’d like to talk about another book that hasn’t been featured yet, feel free to contact me through the site (click the contact me link) with the title, author’s name, your name, and one thing you love about the book and I can post it.

The books aren’t in any particular order. I’ll include the title, author’s name, a bit of the back of the book blurb, and a picture if I have it.

There’s so much to love about the books I’ve enjoyed reading. Here I can share one thing.

I’m kicking the series off with The Selfless Act of Breathing by JJ Bola.

See you soon.

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