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What can you expect?

Bookable-Space African American Lit Literary Salon is a community-first event. I want everyone to feel welcome. That means we are polite to one another, even when we are passionate about a story.

The events are one hour in Zoom. You can join us in Zoom or watch on Facebook Live. Events will be recorded and also available to watch on the website. During the events, the author will read to us. The readings will be engaging. The readings will be followed by a Q&A where as the event host, I ask questions inspired by the book, discussion, etc...Participants can submit questions in advance or ask them during the event (Zoom or Facebook).

All are welcome. You do not have to be an avid reader, a budding writer, a literature student, or an American studies scholar, to enjoy a well-written story. I'm focusing on African American literature to celebrate African American novelists, to read widely and join others who are reading widely, to support authors and readers, and to introduce readers to writers they may not already know. I also want to encourage people to study American literature, African-American literature, American studies, and Creative Writing.

The salons are free and open to all:

I aim to create a community where we can talk about what we're reading, gather during events, support one another in reading, and engage in our passion and love of a well-told story. I hope you'll join me.

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